Just For Fun

  I loved the words for this card and thought that this was just the image to go with them


A retirement card for a very special (and irreplaceable) lady.


Engagement card with the image printed on silver printable foil.  Although it gives a great result it is almost impossible to photograph without getting the image of the photographer reflected in the card.



New Home Cards














Roses round the door of your new home?  Well we can dream.

Emerald anniversary

55 years is quite an achievement which calls for a special card - I hope this one fits the bill

Retirement Card

I really enjoyed making this retirement card
with the wool coming from the sheep for the
knitting on the right

Mothers Day











An anniversary card for my husband

Sadly scanning hasn't done much to show this card at its best because the decoupage is quite deep.

Thank You











Thank you

For his birthday this year my son was the mascot for his football team. They gave him a fantastic afternoon (and extended his vocabulary unfortunately) This is the card which we made as a thank you to them - all done in the club colours as you can see.


Valentines Day 2006

This year's card

Anniversary Card

I really like this card, I enjoyed working on it, and I love the finished article. The photograph really doesn't do it justice.

An engagement card